Business Use

Why Use a Whitworth Cartoon?

  • In a recent marketing survey, posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and blogs which included a Whitworth cartoon had up to 40% greater engagement, showing that using a Whitworth cartoon can get your business noticed.

  • A Whitworth cartoon can help your business break through the clutter. Customers receive many emails every day. How many of those are deleted without even being opened? Using a cartoon has been shown to double e-mail open rates. In client tests, cartoons often provide a 100% increase in customer engagement.

  • Humour is one of the best ways to reveal the truth with a twist. The very act of laughing helps people pick up the point of your communication and remember your message.

  • Stand out from your competitors. Using a bespoke Whitworth cartoon can make your message stand out from the dozens, even hundreds of emails a prospective client receives every day. They are a much more personal way to communicate, as cartoons can even be taylored to specific clients.

  • A Whitworth cartoon can work especially well for marketing and publicity. Thinking about re-designing your business card or complement slips? Perhaps you are considering self-publishing a business related book – a cartoon can add that extra dimension. The same is true of a wide range of marketing and promotional items: greetings cards, calendars, giftware…

  • Cartoons have a proven track record. They are a very powerful marketing tool.

  • When it comes to work, humour is a serious business.

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